Flying Bird
Life seems to fly by...

Everybody is always talking about it, but to me it seems that nobody sees the actual significance of that statement: "Life seems to fly by....."

In the years of our youth it does not seem to affect us too much. Life seems interesting and our daily excursions into the New and the Unknown keep us occupied and our days are filled with adventures. But what about later? Every one of us has to grow up and face the burden of so-called Reality. This often means something different to each one of us, but everybody faces the basic struggles. Financial nightmares, emotional stress, inferior friendships and so on.What usually happens is that we get lost in those struggles while making them the most important part of our lives. We are so preoccupied in solving the puzzles of our everyday living that it turns into an ongoing battle repeating itself over and over. It seems to have neither a beginning nor an end. I believe that pretty much sums up the reason for all those years passing us by like flimsy cardboard boxes filled with unrealized dreams and unsolved problems.

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